We in "INVESTGEOSERVIS" Group of Companies believe that a cohesive team creates a competitive advantage for the Company on the market, allows it to become, and then remain a highly effective market leader.

Our personnel policy is structured along three lines:

  • development of human resources;
  • creation of a value system that would be common for each of the companies working in the group;
  • establish very clear formal mechanisms and procedures for performance management and for functional improvement.

Combining the professional skills, abilities and creativity of employees, INVESTGEOSERVIS Group of Companies sets the following goals:

  • successfully develop your business;
  • create an inspiring working atmosphere in which each employee will feel responsible for the results of the activities and reputation of INVESTGEOSERVIS Group of Companies and in which mutual trust and respect will prevail;
  • build a unified corporate culture;
  • to form a personnel reserve and develop the potential of employees.