Staff policy

The strategic goal of Investgeoservis Group of Companies is to become a leader in its market segment. This implies developing of a set of key advantages, including employee professionalism and loyalty.

The employees of the Group of Companies are regarded as one of the main strategic resources which ensure its high competitiveness.

The tools which guarantee employees' loyalty include: an effective personnel and social policy; a fair motivation system; a comfortable psychological climate; and a stable company image as a strategically reliable business partner.

The main postulate of the personnel policy is maximum flexibility in personnel management:

  • inside the company: effective adaptation, unbiased assessment of personal performance, improvement of management techniques, continuous and consistent development of the employee's competencies in their own and related areas of activity - unlimited career development;
  • in the outside environment: readiness to develop new areas of activity and improve existing ones using the professional potential of external candidates - investments in business projects based on advanced business ideas.



Responsibility for business result

  • Clearly define the result image.
  • Bring any business to the end; never get waylaid midway.
  • Achieve the result through the optimal use of efforts and resources.
  • Assume personal responsibility for the results obtained.

Reliability and quality

  • Ensure workflow continuity.
  • Ensure good quality of the work both in general and in detail.
  • Ensure operational safety.

Integrity and loyalty

  • Comply with the norms of corporate ethics in relation to colleagues,regardless of their position.
  • Comply with the requirements of business ethics in relation to business partners.
  • Never allow conflicts between personal and corporate interests.

Open mindedness

  • Realistically assess own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Continuously develop as a professional.
  • Openness to new ideas, active implementation of new approaches.
  • Search for and make use of the successful experience of colleagues.
  • Share own best practices with colleagues.


  • See oneself as a part of a single team working for a common result.
  • Be guided by team goals.
  • Provide constructive interaction with colleagues