To students and graduates

Investgeoservis Group of Companies provides the opportunity to the best university students and graduates to undergo introductory training or work placement at the Company's production facilities.

Every year we invite the best students to undergo introductory training or work placement and become a part of our team!

Introductory training is held in Company Headquarters and allows trainees to acquire an idea of Company activities, culture and key values.

Work placement allows the trainee to be temporarily involved in the business activities at the Company's production facilities and acquire experience or improve his/her professional competency.

Subject matter specialties:

  • Economics and finance
  • Logistics
  • Procurement
  • Personnel management
  • Technical specialties in oil and gas industry

Candidates are selected from students and undergraduates of the industry-specific universities.

Selection includes the following stages:

  • Selection by resume,
  • Interview by a specialist of the Personnel Management Department,
  • Interview by a profile manager.

Candidate selection is based upon the following:

а) The candidate concentration area meets the Company requirements.

б) The candidate is at least a third year undergraduate.

в) The candidate level of grades:

  • At least good grades on industry-specific disciplines,
  • At least 4.2 grade point average in ongoing achievement records or diploma.

Successful training and work placement, choice of a thesis subject relevant to us, are a guaranteed "entrance ticket" to our company after graduation.


Please send your resume to: