IGS Group to expand production facilities

In 2018 IGS Group has added several brand new Russian-made drilling rigs (1500-3000 HP) to its rig fleet within the frameworks of capital investment program.

The objective of the aforementioned program is high necessity to both expand the main production and to increase reliability of drilling operations in tough Polar conditions and complicated subsurface geology.

The Company purchased six drilling rigs including ones on rail for exploitation drilling (Rig 10000/600 3000 HP, Rig 5000/320 2000 HP) along with stationary rigs up to 2000 HP, and mobile rig of 1000 HP.

All the aforesaid rigs are actually being used in Ymalo-Nenetz District and Krasnoyarsk Area.

In 2019 we will make sure that the main production will be provided with new items of drilling equipment including rigs of 1500-3000 HP on rail.