Drilling service

"IGS-NEU" - provides services of highly professional drilling crews and drilling rigs of various capacity "at a daily rate".


  • Use of hydrocarbon-based solutions with sufficient lubricity
  • Drilling wells with rotary-controlled systems
  • Drilling of wells with PDC bits with increased service life
  • The use of logging tools during drilling, included in BHA
  • Remote analysis of logging data while drilling


  • Drilling of vertical, directional, horizontal operational and exploratory wells of various complexity
  • Work experience in any mining-geological and natural-climatic conditions
  • Experience with advanced innovative technologies
  • Competitive cost of rendering services
  • Establishing reliable links with suppliers of materials and services in the region
  • Developing the quality and timing of work at the level of industry leaders.

Our achievement: During the years 2011-2015, seven superdeep wells of ERD type with MD from 6 500 to 8 500 meters were successfully completed ahead of schedule.