Буровые установки ГК «Инвестгеосервис»

The Drilling Rigs of IGS Group are equipped with modern, high-performance equipment that meets the highest requirements of Customers:

  • Top Drive systems of capacity up to 500 tons TESCO, VARCO, TSER;
  • 4-stage Solids Control Equipment systems: DERRICK, MI SWACO;
  • Mud pumps with a capacity from 800 to 1600 H.P.  triplex;
  • BOP equipment rated up to 15K PSI;
  • Diesel Generator Sets manufactured by Caterpillar, Cummins to providing power to Rigs in isolated locations.


The Company has implemented a system of preventive maintenance. Maintenance of drilling equipment performed at the facilities involving highly qualified service providers, using original parts and materials. Each Drilling Location of the company has stock of drilling pipes of different size as well as equipment for conducting fishing operations.