1. Complex gas-condensate and gas-hydrodynamic studies of all types of inflows in prospecting, evaluation, exploration and production wells with the use of both a standard gas separator of the GS type and a small-scale field-measuring complex (KPI), the main advantages of which are:

  • High measurement accuracy and a wide range to determine the Liquid-to-Gas Ratio (Gas-Condensate Ratio, Gas Ratio) of well production;
  • Mobility of the complex - total weight of the kit is 300 kg, installation / dismantling of the complex takes two hours;
  • Investigation of the well without stopping production and putting its products on the flare.

2. Engineering and geological support for the development and testing of newly drilled oil and gas and long-term production wells.

3. Intensification and investigation of inflow using a jet pump.

4. Selection and laboratory studies of deep, wellhead, recombined samples of formation fluids.

5. Interpretation of data from field research of well objects and laboratory studies of formation fluids, preparation of technical reports and issuing recommendations necessary for the calculation of reserves.