"INVESTGEOSERVIS" Group of Companies within the framework of the main activity carries out a full range of logistics services for the transportation of goods by various modes of transport throughout the territory of the Russian Federation: road, rail, water and aviation.

In order to be able to accomplish it, the company has a staff of highly qualified specialists with experience in implementing unique projects.

Within the framework of each project, there are operational headquarters and mobile bases to be organized for the speediness of solving the emerging tasks and controlling the implementation of all activities at the loading and unloading sites. To ensure production activities on the Yamal Peninsula and on the Gydan Peninsula all-the-year-round transportation of goods from the port of Arkhangelsk to the port of Sabetta by ice-class vessels is carried out, and during the summer navigation to all autonomous objects of the Gydan Peninsula, with the use of "river-sea" vessels.

Shift of personnel and delivery of cargo to autonomous objects are carried out by Mi-8, Mi-8 MTV aircraft, and, if necessary, Mi-26 helicopters are used to deliver cargo weighing up to 20 tons.

Competently built logistics is the key to achieving high performance in the main production